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The 2013 Season of ‘Federal Politics’, Coming Soon! (Advertising Feature)

Tony Abbott satire

(image from The Australian)

Critics have labelled it ‘shocking’, ‘gut-wrenching’ and ‘an absolute f*cking farce’. If you thought Federal Politics couldn’t get any more ridiculous, strap yourself in for the new 2013 season.

Bigger egos, louder shouting, more explosions, more shiny things … and less of the boring policy stuff. From the creators of Federal Politics 2012 comes the Aussie drama that just keeps getting weirder.

It’s the adults only sensation that’s got everyone talking. If you thought Peter Slipper’s text messages were a bit off colour, just wait until you see what’s in store in 2013!

Craig Emerson singing

They’ll even be more singing! (click to play)

And, because it’s an election year, there’ll be giveaways, prizes and more stunts than a Jason Bourne movie. You’ll be on the edge of your seat from the Very. First. Minute.

WHAT is she hiding?

SOMEONE will be betrayed.

ONE of them won’t survive.

WHAT did he say?

No really, what did the f*ck did he just say?

You won’t BELIEVE what he says.

Marge from Warrandyte reckons it’s “the best season yet”. American audiences said “Doesn’t it snow lots in Australia?” No, that’s Austria.

If you liked The Shining, Reservoir Dogs or Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, you’ll love Federal Politics 2013. It’s Australian drama on a whole new scale.

Starts February 5, after the tennis.

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One comment on “The 2013 Season of ‘Federal Politics’, Coming Soon! (Advertising Feature)

  1. Can’t wait for 2013 Political year to get into full swing.T.Abbott full of shit and spewing it everywhere,J.Gillard tipping a bucket of it back over him.What fun,pity the opposition can’t shut up long enough to let the elected government have time to do it’s job.Graham

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