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Conversations About House Prices Up 11% Year-On-Year

Dinner PartyFigures released today show that the number of conversations about house prices continues to rise in Australia, with social gatherings in some suburbs becoming simply unbearable.

Mark Fitch from Richmond in Melbourne’s east said, “I know a guy who had a dinner party in North Melbourne four years ago where there were just four conversations about house prices. If he had a dinner party there today, there’d be minimum six, probably seven conversations. It’s just crazy”.

“That’s nothing!” said Mark’s friend Jenny, before telling her own, really interesting story.

Analyst Robert Erskine said there were still some suburbs where you can attend a social function without conversations about house prices, “but it’s becoming more difficult”.

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3 comments on “Conversations About House Prices Up 11% Year-On-Year

  1. Gypsy Jack
    July 17, 2013

    Sounds like inflation. Seriously though, when are people going to start realising that they have forgotten that dwellings are for sheltering, raising families, living and dying in NOT gambling chips to be used in pyramid schemes driven by government, financial institutions, and of course real estate agents, or to mistakenly boost egos and community status. It is mainly sociopaths and psychopaths who admire such.

  2. Frank MacGill
    July 17, 2013

    If only house prices were up 11% year on year. That would be fantastic.

    • EvilCommiePlot
      October 9, 2013

      No, it really wouldn’t. Unless you own multiple houses, then house price inflation does nothing except give agents bigger fees and massage peoples rich man fantasies and egos. Rising house prices solely serve to make the rich richer, the middle class more indebted, and the poor homeless.

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