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Major natural disaster more interesting now that an Australian may be involved

A run-of-the-mill Asian earthquake that killed more than a thousand people last week was given a new lease of life today when journalists discovered that an Australian couple may have been holidaying in the area.

Up until yesterday, no one really cared about the 7.8 quake that ripped through parts of India, destroying entire towns and causing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. But early this morning word was received that recently-married Australian couple Rob and Georgie Brinstone were honeymooning in a nearby beach resort.

As they were quite a way from the epicentre of the quake when it struck, the pair was fortunately not injured. But they are now stranded at the hotel and don’t expect to be able to fly out for at least three days. They have, however, been able to send text message updates and photographs to news outlets in Australia, providing a unique first-hand perspective of the disaster.

In a piece penned for one Australian newspaper, Georgie wrote that the experience was “harrowing” and “put things into perspective”. But she was also able to see the lighter side of the catastrophe. “Three days without a hairdryer! Kill me now!”.

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