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Hipster Says Not Having A Moustache Is Now More Ironic Than Actually Having A Moustache

hipsterIn a shock announcement yesterday a prominent Sydney hipster revealed that it may now actually be more ironic not to wear a moustache, given the explosion in the number of men with moustaches in recent years.

In a statement written on an authentic Olivetti 1958 typewriter, the hipster, who likes to be called Robert wrote: “I saw this old guy without a moustache the other day, and I thought, wow! That’s just totally hilarious. That’s a throwback to, like, 2008. I’ve got to have one. Or, you know, not have one”.

Robert shaved his moustache off yesterday using a 1980s Remington electric shaver that he bought from a Newtown opp shop. “I’ve already got so many comments from people,” Robert explained. “It’s a bit annoying. It’s like, really? You haven’t seen a man with a clean upper lip? Get over it, it’s fashion.”

Some hipsters were devastated that they’ll now need to shave of their moustache

Hundreds of men in the inner suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne are expected to take the plunge in the coming weeks.

It is now unclear whether prominent non-moustache wearers – Kevin Rudd, Barack Obama and Bert Newton amongst them – are hipsters ahead of their time or just ordinary people.

“That’s the weird thing,” typed Robert “you just don’t know anymore”.

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2 comments on “Hipster Says Not Having A Moustache Is Now More Ironic Than Actually Having A Moustache

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