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Shock As Teenage Girl Says Meeting One Direction Was Only ‘Second Best’ Day Of Her Life

one direction satireIn a stunning admission yesterday, thirteen year-old Melbourne school girl Taylor Scholes said that her encounter with boy band One Direction was not the best day of her life. It is believed to be the first time such a statement has been made about the band. 

“It was like, totally amazing meeting them – they are sooo hot. But it probably wasn’t quite as good as reaching 1,000 friends on Facebook. That was a totally special day,” the girl, whose favourite subject is geography, said.

Scholes met the British superstars in a chance encounter after camping out for three nights in front of the Melbourne hotel where they were staying.

“Liam walked out of the lobby to talk to his fans … or maybe to put something in the bin, I’m not sure … and then he said to me ‘do you know if there’s a bin around here?’ I said I didn’t know. So, you know, we pretty much talked for a while. We definitely connected.”

Despite the intimate brush with fame, Scholes has put the experience into perspective. “It was amazing, but it’s not like it was the best day of my life or anything.”

Indeed onlookers were surprised when Scholes called a friend immediately after the encounter and screamed “Oh my God! This is the second best day of my life!”

Despite the lowly life ranking given to the experience, Scholes has made the photo she took of the event – which clearly shows the back of Liam’s ear – her Facebook profile picture.

One Direction was unavailable for comment.


One comment on “Shock As Teenage Girl Says Meeting One Direction Was Only ‘Second Best’ Day Of Her Life

  1. Ed @ The Tunnel
    October 3, 2013

    And there I was thinking her best day might have been meeting Status Quo (or one of their penguins). Young people, eh?

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